Questions and Answers

What is the Smart-Screw made out of?
The Smart-Screw™, with its accompanying plate, are made out of high-quality stainless steel.

Do I get both the Smart-Screw and the plate?
Yes, you will receive the Smart-Screw™ with the plate together.

I have a longboard with a 2+1 fin system. Will the Smart-Screw work with my system?
Absolutely. The Smart-Screw™ was designed with you in mind. Because of the Smart-Screw™, you no longer need to carry a screwdriver for your center fin. Considering most fin systems require the same tool as the Smart-Screw™, you now just need one tool to install all three fins. Goodbye Screwdriver!

I have a retro single fin. Will the Smart-Screw work with my board?
Yes, the Smart-Screw™ will work with all boards that currently use the standard center-fin box mount. By using the Smart-Screw™, you no longer need the screwdriver. Just use the industry-standard fin tool that most boardshorts have in the pocket.

I own both short boards and long boards. Does the Smart-Screw mean that I now only need one tool for all my different boards and their fin installation systems?
Yes, as long as your fin systems require the allen-style, industry-standard fin tool. The Smart-Screw™ has made the fin tool universal. Finally, one tool does it all!

Can I adjust my fin in the water?
Yes! You no longer have to come back to shore to adjust your fin. Screwdrivers were never practical to carry with you in the water, but your fin tool fits great in your pocket. Now you can adjust your fin between sets and never miss a wave.

What's the best way to care for my Smart-Screw?
As with all products used in the ocean, we recommend rinsing the Smart-Screw™ with fresh water to help extend its life.

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