Have you ever watched perfect waves peel in as you frantically search for a screwdriver to tighten your center fin screw? Has airport security questioned why you have a screwdriver in your carry on? Send in your screwdriver horror stories, we sympathize with you, we'll even post worthy stories here on Trash Talk so others can feel your pain...

Tell the world about yourself, about your favorite surf spot, or about what board you ride!

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We bought your smart-screw here in Italy some weeks you remember? Now, we tested your item and our impressions are good. To be honest, in the beginning we thought that the screw head could have had the same trouble typical of FCS screws, that is, stripping...then we tested it, the metal is really good and the screw does it's job quite well....we like the easiness and the speed to put it into place in the finbox. Two turns and the job is done...really smart! We think this is particularly useful for those longboarders using a 2+1 fin setup but also "singlefiners" can appreciate it.
-Marco Matteucci
Good to go!
Quality Products!
Quick shipping and well packaged!! A++++ seller!!!
Great items, thanks again
Ever since I purchased my Walden, I wanted to change the screw and plate for the center fin box. I didn't like the idea of a brass philips head screw and a plastic plate with a brass insert. It was always in the back of my mind.
I wish I could tell you about the first time I saw an ad for the smart screw. I was surfing the WEB and I believe it was one of those ads in the corner of a main page of some site. I clicked on it and went to your home page. It was just what I was looking for so I ordered 2 on the spot.
After I installed it, we had a run of wind blown chop that wasn't worth the time. Then I said the he!! with it, I'm going out tomorrow. Guess what, it was 4-6' swell, off shore winds and just great, especially since most of the local kids still had school.
great seller.
All good..excellent communication..thank you..A +++++++++++++++++
I first learned about smart-screw in Longboard Magazine. I saw the ad and within 5 minutes I had gone to the website and ordered a few smart-screws. A couple for myself and some for my friends. The screw is great, we no longer have to worry about the flat head slipping and damaging boards. NEXT YOU SHOULD HAVE A REPLACEMENT SCREW FOR LOK BOX FINS. It uses flathead standard. I got this new custom 5'10" retro fish and it has a bad a$$ set of twin fins they are 8.5" front to back and they drive like he!!. I wish the box screw wasn't flathead. It's the only board I have to carry a screw driver for.
Thanks for letting me give input.
Later, J.
I saw it in the Longboard Magazine.
I think I first saw it(the smart-screw) in an ad in one of the surf magazines, and just
thought it was a great idea. I think the product is fantastic...
Excellent, easy, fast, & exactly what I wanted, thanks!
- cjn1cjn1
I saw the Smart Screw in your full-page Longboard Magazine ad. Since I'm
CONSTANTLY screwing around (pun unintended! I swear!) with fins, I thought,
"That's genius!" (OK, that pun was on purpose.) I like it pretty well...
Well we first saw your ad in a magazine and we ordered, we don't charge extra for them with our boards and we use them on models with 2+1 fin systems because there is no sense in having to carry two kinds of tools for your fins. When we sell a board with side fins that require an allenhead set-up we throw in the screw with the center fin...
Just what I was looking for. Quick, easy, high quality & as advertised!! Thanks!
Thanks a lot, works Great! Great Seller!
Yet again, excellent service! Recommended A++++++++++++++++++++
Received product in a timely manner. Item arrived as described in listing, thanks!
Fast response and shipping an A++++ EBAYer!
Hurricane just hit, lost power(6 days), screens, roof tiles, and a tree. But did have some great waves. When the smart screws come in, they will be used.
Brilliant! Cheers very much! Item received as described!
Hey, there I was out surfin' today at the Hook and I came in and one of your company reps. came over and gave me one of the smart-screws. As soon as my ride came, I grabbed my fin key and switched the screw and it went on very easily. I am very impressed with your product and I will tell all my friends about it, thanx.
-John Galli
Great Product, Fast Shipping, Excellent Service, AAA+++
Just arrived this am, will be using this pm. Great idea and good value for money. Loads of interest to see them from friends. Cheers!
It was received in perfect shape!! Thanxx

Perfect Fit and Outstanding Quality,Totally Priceless When You Need One! Sea Ya!


The real reason the screwdriver got it's name is because you are screwed if you forget one. Finally, a universal way to change out the fins on all my surfboards. The smart-screw is the only way to go, and I would definitely recommend it.
-Jeremy (Worm) Salvatierra

Thanks for the speedy delivery again. These are terrific.
That's great you're offering them at such a great price, what a steal at $1.99 / smart-screw with plate!
-Mark Turner

Genius Industries and Smart-Screw have joined in sponsoring this year's ho'olaule'a. What is a Smart-Screw, you ask? Well, surfing and surfboards have changed since the early days of Duke's era when finless wooden boards were used. Now most modern longboards come with three removable fins. A Smart-Screw allows surfers to adjust their larger center fins with the same small hex wrench tool commonly used to adjust the side fins. Most modern boardshorts come with a hex tool inside the pocket.
-Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation

Great item. Fast shipping. So much easier to adjust fin in finbox with this!!!

Before the worker closed the best sandwich shop in Hale'iwa, I snapped this shot. Smart-Screw made my trip to the islands so simple. Thanks!
-Tom Kelley

On a recent trip to Baja I saw your sticker on the Salsipuedes sign. Thought you should know.
-Christian H.

Fast Delivery, Product as Described, the SMART-SCREW is the Best, Thanks Genius!

I like the smart-screw because I don't need a screwdriver! When I want to change fins, I always have my FCS key. Less to take to the beach!
-Cindy Good
I checked out your screws on line and seriously, I could have used one of them when I went to Hawaii last month! I had to use a butter knife to tighten my screw since I forgot to bring my screwdriver!!!
-Alisa Burns
Screwdrivers are old-fashioned, smarten-up and use the smart-screw!
-Don C.
Smart people create smart things...
......... so simple yet so useful.........
...GREAT IDEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-J. Howard
Finally, a center fin screw that uses the same tool as my side fins!
-Greg Hansen